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Affordable Gaming Laptops Guide 2022

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops: When it comes to buying a new laptop, it is not that easy to choose the best gaming laptop in 2020. There are so many choices that it’s overwhelming. However, I wrote these reviews to help you choose the best gaming laptop. I did a lot of research and saved a lot of time for you (believe me; it took a lot of time for me to write this…)

Affordable Gaming Laptops Guide

But, before I give you reviews of specific gaming notebook, here are the most important things that you should be aware of, before buying a game playing notebook. If you decided to step out of your home and decided to go to a computer shop to buy a new laptop for gaming purposes, You should know what kind of a laptop you should search for and what budget you’ve to buy this new gaming device, In the last of 2019 and 2020 a lot of hardcore games are out to public audience that require high gaming specs PCs and laptops so you can play it with the best gaming experience.


Games like Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD and Battlefield 4 Deluxe need a powerful graphics card at least 2 GB decent GPU, The graphics unit is the most important aspect in a gaming laptop, It enable you to have the maximum experience while playing games on your Laptop, Along with high speed core i7 processor with at least 2.0 GHz processing speed.

When you’re hunting a good gaming laptop than can handle hardcore games it will cost you more money to have great laptop with high specs, I advise you to start your

Looking at a best gaming laptop starting from $750, you can browse our home page for great gaming laptops under 1000 with nice comparison chart.

RAM for a gaming laptop have to be over normal because it’s critical for the performance level you have and to increase your enjoyment and enable you to play even the 3D games with great gaming experience, For a gaming laptop you should go with at least 6 GB of RAM.

The world of gaming laptops are expanding very fast as a lot of games come out every year requires high specs to be played on a PC or a laptop.

Top 7 Tips For Buying The Best Gaming Laptops!

You get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap gaming laptop, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to play the newest games. This is a very important point for gaming laptops and not so important if you are going to buy a mobile computer for work.

  • It must have a decent video card. Without a high quality video card, you won’t be able to play new games. I mean a video card like Nvidia GT 650 that has at least 1024 MB.
  • It must have a really good processor. I recommend that you buy at least a dual core processor (if you are on a budget) and quad core processor if you want to really enjoy new games.
  • At least 4 GB of RAM. This is very important for gaming. Anything less than 4 GB will slow down your computer dramatically when you play new games.
  • A big LCD screen. If you need a notebook for gaming, it would be a pain to get a device with a small LCD screen. I recommend buying one that has a monitor of at least 15 inches.
  • A good battery, so you can play games for at least 2 hours without having to re-charge your battery.

So these 7 elements are the key, when choosing the best gaming laptop less than 1000. There are also a few other things that you may consider, like brand names (I think this is not important at all, as long as they give you some sort of guarantee), but really all what you need to know is information in the list above.

If you are not ready to buy laptops which are really costly or you need a affordable gaming laptop then click here to skip this section.

So, as I’ve already said, I did a lot of research and I reviewed a lot of machines and below, you will find the best game playing laptop under 1000 in 2019 on the market.

Best Cheap Gaming Laptops

Searching for cheap gaming mobile computer isn’t a rocket science, it’s all about what you need from a mobile computer to run your games and make you have the best experience.

  • Asus ROG GL552
  • Dell Inspiron 15 7000
  • Acer Aspire v15 Nitro Black Edition
  • HP Pavilion 15 Gaming Laptop
  • Alienware 13
  • Lenovo Y700 14-inch


The Myth of Cheap Gaming Laptops

Computer games have progressed from simple graphic games to the massively popular multi player online games, such as Warcraft. With an increase in the number and complexity of online computer games, a ‘normal’ computer often cannot fulfill the expectation of the enthusiastic gamer.

Gamers have the propensity to custom build their own game playing computer so that they can choose appropriate parts of the computer. In comparison to a standard computer, the gaming computer uses higher-end video cards which aid in providing high quality of image. The capabilities of this type of computer can be assessed with the help of a graphic computer.

Memory of a these three dimensional card ranges from 256 MB to 2 GB in Laptops. The standard computer utilizes wireless connections, while gaming computers sometimes use Ethernet connection for fast and dependable connections.

Many hardware interfaces have been designed for the specific purpose of gaming mobile computers.

These interfaces includes keyboard, joysticks, steering wheels, mouse etc to suit your planning needs, as additional number of keys for game functions can be found, display screens, and even the mouse is more sensitive to the touch, which makes gaming a pleasurable experience. Many of these features cannot be found in a standard computer.

Gaming Laptops Under 1000 Dollars

Gaming mobile computers requires fast hard drives as it will ensure a quicker load time. Many games do not consume a lot of memory, so high speed hard drives take priority over the storage capacity of the hard drive.

Fast central processing unit is recommended for gaming notebook, to ensure high performance functionality. Multiple tasks can be handled with higher end processors, while a standard computer is not fully equipped to process multiple tasks.


Games playing mobile computers have the fastest random access memory (RAM), which is coupled with heat sinks so that the heat which is produced as a result of high transfer of data between the motherboard and the random access memory can be dissolved. Again, this option cannot be found in the standard computers.

There you have it – what to look for when shopping for mobile computers!

Be sure to check out the options we highlighted in the pictures towards the top of the page, in association with Amazon, a safe and secure shopping portal; be sure to check if you get free shipping with your notebook computer!

  • You are a Gamer, so you need to cool it down

Due to the playing status by hours for all the gamers you should consider cooling options for your new machine so you can keep your laptop operates for more few years, I covered this overheating issue in this post – Best laptop cooling pad .

  • What to Avoid?

There are a couple of things to avoid. First, do not buy a laptop with the ventilation on the bottom. You want the intake and exhaust to be on the side or back. Otherwise, if you hold the device on your lap or set it on the couch it will overheat.

Also be sure that the materials are of high quality. Cheap plastics will break or won’t hold up to the rigors of being banged around. Also, size and weight are factors to consider. If this will be your desktop replacement a big ole heavy laptop may be what you want. If you will have it in a backpack and will be lugging it around with you all over then you should consider something lightweight.

* Be Reasonable About Purchasing Affordable Gaming Laptop *


The fundamental point when it comes to gaming laptops is they are pretty expensive. If you are thinking to get a gaming laptop for yourself, ensure that your wallet is filled. In order to have a fully loaded professional gaming console from the most popular brand, you will have to empty your pockets to a greater extent.

Buying Tips for Budget/Affordable Gaming Laptops

If you are going to purchase a gaming laptop, the basic features you need to check are- powerful CPU, good screen resolution, and of course proper memory. Well, the regular shift in technology would make you educate about every important aspect with the passage of time.

It can be quite difficult for the beginners to purchase the best gaming laptops which can fit into their budget too. A lot of time it can even turn out to be frustrating for the consumers when they come across several options to choose from. Blame it on the rapid development of technology that changes things so fast.

If you purchase a laptop today that offers the best configuration in the market, it just a couple of months it would seem an outdated one. But, it is important to understand that is it not necessary to empower yourself with the latest technology in the market. A decent gaming laptop with average components can work for years.

In the modern technology world, there are many gamers and gaming fans that are looking for the best gaming laptops. Mostly college students and young lads hunt for thrilling game experience with the latest gaming laptops.

People look for a laptop that suits their requirements in every manner and within their budget. Therefore, one must find an appropriate gaming laptop that stands out in its own way. The most common question that most gamers have is – What is a good gaming laptop? A good gaming laptop is one that performs better than other normal computers.

You also need to be careful of the hype created by the media regarding the latest gaming laptops in the market. No doubt, the makers of gaming laptops put considerable amount of money into the marketing of their product. And, for that reason they leave no stone upturned to lure customers with fancy ads.

For this reason, importance should be given to your requirements, and not to the latest configuration in the market. No matter if your best buddy has purchased the latest gaming laptop in the market or every magazine is talking about the hottest entry in the town, your focus should be on purchasing a reasonable and affordable gaming laptop within your budget.

Price is an important factor while purchasing any commodity; it goes same with gaming laptops as well. Usually, the cost starts from $1000, and it goes to $4500 and more depending on the brand name. You can even get a gaming laptop at $700, however it will not suit your requirements precisely.

Essential Requirements for Best Gaming Laptops

The general or the most basic rule of gaming laptops is the higher the cost of gaming laptop, the superior is its performance. However, there are certain tips using which you can get gaming laptops at affordable prices.

The first tip would be to look for GPUs. GPU is a part of laptop that helps in processing data so that the games run smoothly. They help games to have better graphics in order to give the best gaming experience to the user.

You can get gaming laptop at inexpensive prices if its GPU is of previous generation. The second tip to focus on the best deals offered in the gaming market. Nowadays online stores offer unlimited deals and exciting offers; this is a real good way for the gamers who cannot afford expensive prices of gaming laptops.

You can even compare prices on online stores and figure out which is suitable with your budget. Registering with such online retailers will give you regular updates on latest schemes and offers; sometimes you can get coupons too!

The third trick to get gaming laptops at reasonable prices is to purchase from second hand market. One can find lot of used laptops at less prices, you can even negotiate the price with seller too. However, you need to make sure that the condition of laptop is proper, use it personally and see if everything is right.

In addition to this, you may even ask for warranty for the product. There is one alternative known as refurbished gaming laptops. They come with a cheaper price, they are repaired, and they have warranties too. You might have gained knowledge about what is a good gaming laptop and how to get them at affordable rates with this article. There are numerous ways to purchase gaming laptops, the most important point you should remember is not to compromise with quality.

Gaming laptops under 1000 USD can be a good option to consider, unless you are not into hardcore gaming competition. Now, when we talk about gaming laptops with reasonable performance, there are certain aspects to be considered. Considering the fact that gaming involves rich graphics and non-stop audio effects, it eats up battery too quickly.


For this reason, if your gaming laptop is not connected to any power source then obviously it has to depend on its battery. Therefore, when you choose a gaming laptop, make sure the battery is powerful enough. Gaming laptops having at least 6500 mAh (8 cells) battery can be termed as good options, and they can deliver up to 5-6 hours of backup.

Apart from good battery backup, it is also crucial to consider the factor of wireless technology. You may say that almost every laptop these days come equipped with Wi-Fi technology. Well, it has to be reliable as fast as well. Since most of the games these days are played online, therefore the Wi-Fi feature of your gaming laptop must have the ability to work perfectly under low signal conditions as well. If your gaming laptop keeps on losing the wireless signal every now and then, you won’t be able to play the game properly.

A lot of people find themselves in the state of confusion when it comes to purchase a laptop or notebook for gaming purpose. The reason behind is that gaming laptops require better configuration when compared to the normal ones.

So, how to find the best laptop for gaming purpose? Well, price is the most vital factor you need to consider when purchasing a gaming laptop. In the market, there is no dearth of affordable gaming laptops or notebook that cost somewhere around $1500. However, if you do a little amount of research then it is not impossible to find gaming laptops below the mark of $1000.

In case you are thinking how it is possible to get high-end gaming laptops at a price less than $1000 then you really need to search through the web world. In the web world, there are many dealers that offer discounts and promotional offers on gaming notebooks. However, it is quite obvious that you cannot expect the latest configurations at this price range. If you can spend more than $1500 then a laptop with the latest configuration could be a possibility for you.

What is a good gaming laptop?

But, the question still remains – what is a good gaming laptop? Well, it absolutely depends on the specifications of the laptop, and you need to check that the notebook is loaded with an efficient graphic card.

Apart from a powerful graphic card that is completely dedicated to video memory, the laptop should also encompass an agile CPU as well as enough RAM. The RAM of any gaming laptop should be at least 2GB. However, if you wish to play HD games or graphic rich and fast games, make sure the RAM is 4GB, as it would ensure smooth functioning of the laptop when running the games.

In addition, it is also important to consider the screen resolution of the gaming laptop. One thing you need to keep in mind is that higher the screen resolution better is the graphics. In the present time, almost every popular game comes in Blu-ray format, with resolution of 1080 HD. And, if your laptop’s screen does not support high resolution images then it won’t be able to display the graphics properly. For this reason, make sure the screen supports 1080 pixels resolution.


Besides powerful configuration, it is also vital to consider your budget, or the amount of money you can spend on the gaming laptop. Since we are talking about affordable gaming laptops, therefore in this article we have to consider your budget as well. If you are low on budget then gaming laptops with Dual-core processor and 2 GB of RAM would be an excellent choice for you.

Though you make not be able to run 3D games, or high definition games and other applications at the same time, but it won’t disappoint you. Most people may not prefer to spend almost twice the amount of money on gaming notebooks, but the way gaming notebooks work, it really seems a good deal in the end.

So, those were some of the crucial aspects to consider when purchasing gaming laptops under 1000 USD. Before zeroing your option, it would be better if you can join online discussion forums and seek some advice from hardcore gamers as they have more experience and knowledge about gaming laptops and their performance. In the end, choose your option carefully.

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