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Riversong Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote Shutter

Riversong Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod : Selfie is obviously a word that every person in this whole wide world is well aware of ! It's because of the latest trend of clicking pictures on oneself or with the group of companions through front camera.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod - Riversong

This trend has been in so much usage that it was given a specific name, which was referred to as Selfie. The mobile companies have used this trend a lot for selling out their latest mobile handsets and its supporting accessories too. One of such accessories is the Selfie Stick tripod stand. It is an up gradation to the frame of selfie stick for achieving a clearer and suitableness of clicking pictures.

Riversong Bluetooth Selfie Stick

One of such selfie stick tripod was launched by Riversong which is equipped with extendable monopod, Bluetooth connectivity remote, which can be utilized as wireless selfie stick for mobile sets and tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Note4, S6, S5, S7, iPhone 7, 5S, 6, 6S Plus and many more brands too.


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    This selfie stick tripod by Riversong is equipped one of an essential feature i.e. a Bluetooth connectivity. Since the manual selfie sticks were not sufficing the need of humans, therefore, this feature of high-end Bluetooth connectivity was provided in this device. It provides a quite long range of Bluetooth connectivity without any blockage.
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    It comes with a mini Bluetooth remote shutter and a 65 mAh capacity battery, which helps in clicking around fifty thousand (50000) pictures in a single charge.
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    Selfie stick tripod by Riversong is very portable and extendable at the same time.
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    It is very lightweight, with only about 148 grams and a length of 19 cent meters. Every one of us is a fan of clicking pictures when out for a trip, let's accept the fact that this device is a must for us! It's a must for outdoor visits.
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    Selfie stick tripod by Riversong has a 360-degree rotation on its clamp and also a possible 180-degree rotation of the holder of the stick. This feature further helps the user to click a perfect distance wonderful pictures.
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    This Selfie stick tripod by Riversong comes with an amazing universal compatibility of utilizing the Bluetooth remote shutter with their own mobile handsets (Android specifically).
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    They also have a phone holder, which can further hold the mobile handset in the clamp. The holder is of the size 55cm to 85 cm. This size is sufficient for nearly all kinds of mobile handsets.
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    Lately, most of the selfie sticks had a huge disadvantage of being slippery and were more prone to accidents. But with Selfie stick tripod by Riversong, it is not the case. The manufacturers of this selfie stick tripod have secured this monopod with a non-slip silicon mat. This further makes it more secure and stable for use.


  • The stick can be stretched up to 60 cm. Helpful for clicking a group selfie of a large group of people.
  • Removable remote controller for about 10cm control distance.
  • Compatibility with the mobile handsets.
  • Anti-Shake Shooting.
  • Selfie stick tripod by Riversong is very transportable and extendable at the same time.
  • It offers a twelve-month warranty on the item.
  • 360-degree rotatable cradle head panorama photos and time-lapse photography all are possible with Selfie stick tripod by Riversong.
  • The material used for manufacturing is user-friendly and non-slippery.


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    Bluetooth Compatibility issues have been reported by many consumers
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    A range of 10 m Bluetooth distance is quite less with the amount of money it comes with.
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    An electronic device with only 12-month warranty is quite less.

             FINAL VERDICT

Overall this selfie stick tripod is one of an essential getaway that river strong is providing for the selfie lovers. Each and every one of us crave for great pictures whenever we go for outings and trips. The places that we visit should last in our memories for our life and for this to happen pictures taken at each place and moment must be best of their kind.

This monopod by riversong is an amazing product for such a lifestyle. It comes with all the essential specifications required for every photography enthusiasts and travellers too. It is portable, extendable, and has a high capacity battery for sustainability at long durations. Further specific features of providing mini tripod and phone holder with Bluetooth connectivity are amazingly attractive for every traveller and photography enthusiasts.

Therefore, this product is one to purchase with the price range that riversong offers it at! The product is a very durable and high-end quality. And hence worth a buy!


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