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RiverSong Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Review

RiverSong Fitness Tracker Review: Fitness trackers have become way popular in recent times for a variety of reasons. These highly useful devices continue to become more advanced as more and more features keep getting added to them. Riversong’s Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Band Sedentary Reminding Sleep Management Alarm SMS Call Reminder Pedometer Sport Activity Healthy Wristband with OLED Touch (black) is a one of its kind product available on that provides just the features that you have been looking for all this while.


RiverSong Fitness Tracker

The RIVERSONG® Wave BP feature accurately displays the heart rate and blood pressure of the individual for static conditions. The device has built-in sensors. This feature allows the person to arrange their time and intensity of exercise accordingly.



A very interesting feature, the activity tracker tracks the daily activity, which includes the steps, distance, calories and so on. In order to view your daily, weekly and even monthly activity, all you need to do is connect the tracker to your mobile device via Bluetooth and use the H band app to view the data. This not only helps you keep a track of your fitness, but also keeps you motivated to reach your fitness goals.


When you turn on the smart notifications option in the app and connect the tracker to your smartphone using Bluetooth, then the device will vibrate to alert you of any notifications such as phone calls, text messages, social media messages and so on. So stay connected with your friends and family, and never miss a call or a message again.

Sleep Monitor

Another great feature in this device is the sleep monitor which helps you automatically track how long and how well you sleep. As you know, a good sleep is imperative to maintaining good health and this fitness tracker will help you do that. The silent vibration alarm clock will wake you up gently every morning. You will need to set the alarm clock in the app for that. The Sedentary reminder on the app is an amazing feature that will remind you to get up and move around in case you have been sedentary for too long. This will help you boost your physical activity levels.

Easy to Charge


This fitness tracker has been designed with a built-in Blue USB charging pin and does not require a charging cable. The tracker must be charged using a 500 mAh current enabled USB device such as a laptop or a PC tablet. This makes the tracker highly convenient to charge.


  • The tracker is resistant to water, which makes it resistant to sweat, hand washing and so on.
  • It has a number of additional features when connected to a mobile phone and using the H band app.
  • It has a OLED touch.
  • It is compact and easy to handle.


  • It only supports the heart rate monitor for static conditions and not for dynamic conditions.
  • Though resistant to water, it is not waterproof.

  Final Verdict

To sum it all up, the Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor by Riversong offers some great features and is also reliable in terms of accuracy and durability. The device is a great way of monitoring various aspects of overall fitness, ranging from physical activity, heart rate and even sleep patterns. The features such as notifications of calls or messages and easy charging come as a great advantage. Not only the fitness tracker, the H band app to be paired with it also has a user-friendly interface. Overall, it is a great choice and is likely to not disappoint its users out there.

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