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Best Wireless Router Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Best Wireless Router Reviews: Wireless Wifi Router 2023 is an absolute necessity these days and people require getting themselves a decent wireless router so that they can get good internet speeds without wires at all. The wireless internet distribution service of a WIFI connection is very important in today’s world. All the people who own a broadband internet connection seem to require this service at some point or the other in their day-to-day lives which makes it a necessity of their life.

Some internet providers provide you with a pre–Installed and pre-configured device for your broadband connection to make things wireless and connect to multiple devices at the same time and you may ask that ‘ why should I buy one when I have been already provided with one for absolutely no money at all?’.

Best Wireless Routers of 2023

It might come as a vivid surprise to all of you, but most of the stock hardware that you are provided with isn’t so good and you’ll in the end find out that this hardware isn’t reliable enough to be called the best WiFi router around. Of course, the company gives you the device absolutely free but this doesn’t mean it would be the top-of-the-line product for you.

Well you are good to go with the free WIFI router if you live in a small apartment or so but people with 2-3 story houses would require a lot more than a single WIFI router to get access to the internet at all places and hence they would be needed to buy a separate WIFI device or maybe even consider buying a WIFI repeater or a USB powered WIFI range expander but that’s a different case, here we’re talking about why you require a new Wi-Fi router to meet all your needs of day to day usage.

Best Wifi Routers Review 2023

So here we are to present you with the TOP 5 best cheap and mark WIFI routers for daily hardcore usage.

  1. LINKSYS WRT AC1900 Wifi Router



Anyone familiar with the very nature of Linksys’s best Wifi Router under 200 ever i.e. the WRT54G router which came out last year will immediately recognize it with the WRTAC1900 which had a classic take on the iconic blue and black color scheme and simplistic yet much effective interface which made the device a perfect hit.

We love this router not only because it reminds us of better times with the last year’s WRT54G which was an absolute stunner for all of us but also because Linksys has managed to cram all the features that you’ll expect in just about every decent router that doesn’t take up much more in both costs and also space consumption than its predecessor of the 2000’s i.e. back when we all had DSL but we had barely even know what a “WiFi” connection was.

This best home wireless router has a lot of pros and not a single con if we remove the price point of the router because this router is not at all cheap and comes with a price of about 200- 230$.


The Linksys router may seem quite expensive to the average user but to a hardcore internet user and a tech geek, this Is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many routers out there that would do good work in addition to a decent internet connection along with a good ISP. Even though you may have a good ISP but a good router is mandatory if you want to take with you all the fun that the internet providers promise to give you in terms of streaming, online multiplayer gaming along with all the different types of joys of social internet media and also interactions online through various forums.

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All this would require you to have some descent speed along with good coverage all over your home or maybe even in your garden which may be a few yards away from your home.

Thus this a must-choice for all the users who are willing to pay a little more than usual to get a decent and well-designed product for their day-to-day usage making their days a lot less stressful than usual as this device will provide you what it promises, unlike all other such promises!!!

  1. TP-LINK ARCHER C9  Gaming Wireless Routers



The TP-Link Archer C9 isn’t just the best budget router you’ll find on this list but also it is one of the best routers we’ve ever tested for the time period. You don’t believe my word for it?  We’ve got a whole list of reviews that you can see for yourself by going on to Amazon and watching the full review of the device by many different users from all categories.  We were blown away by its extremely fast and precise download and upload speeds which worked just fine even at a good range distance.

It may not have that much in terms of range or stream reliability as some of the other contenders here like the other one by Linksys that we’ve mentioned earlier, but to make up for the lack in signal strength it makes up more than enough in terms of in device download and upload speed. The Archer C9 is a perfect choice in terms of a router if you are concentrating on gaming routers, 4K streaming, or even just some light web browsing.


This all in one budget oriented device is a must-buy for users who wish to get speed instead of range. The device is well suited for users with small apartments or maybe those who have houses well equipped with good quality WIFI REPEATERS or maybe many small range routers to enhance range as well as speed.

The router is a budget-oriented one as we said earlier and is the best one for a person who’s looking out for a cheap yet well-developed and constructed device with an intriguing design and multiple functionalities.

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I would recommend this to people with a fast internet connection and those who don’t have to worry about the range as they live in short-range houses i.e. small apartments for singles or bachelors. Thus people to whom speed matters the most along with budget and who don’t care about the range of the WIFI router then they should choose this device.

  1. Netgear AC1200 Wireless Routers Review



The NETGEAR AC1200 comes in third in our list because even though it is a good WIFI router it still is quite expensive and supports dual-band WIFI distribution.

The Netgear AC1200 is relatively affordable as compared to the Linksys one and also the TP-Link one and offers dual-band 802.11AC technology thus AC in the name of the router itself. The router includes a USB port and a generous selection of management settings for all users.

In the end, I would like to conclude about this router is an extremely affordable router with some good design and high bandwidth and high data transfer speeds both online as well as offline. The online data transfer speeds also depend upon your internet service provider and hence you cannot blame the router if you don’t have a good or a decent internet service provider with moderate to high speeds for all.

Thus this is a combo of both the Linksys Router along with the TP-link router. I would recommend this Router to a person with a decent internet service provider along with moderate needs of range.

  1. Synology router RT1900AC Review



The Synology router is a moderately priced router for use by all types of users all around the world. The router is a dual-band one with 5 GHZ of support of the network. This router delivers strong results in all kinds of conditions ranging from a small apartment to a large house. The signals are precise and work well with all types of tools and all your devices are well supported with this router as now most of the devices are starting to support 5GHZ connections over WIFI routers.

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Some of the pros of the device are that the device comes with a strong 5 GHz output means that you’ll never run out of signals and also speeds. The device gives you a stable connection without the need to turn the device on or off. One time set up and then just plugs and play. Some of the cons that I could find in the device are that the file transfer rates are slower than the download and upload rates at just 2.4 GHz. Though the device is moderately priced in its range you can get better products for little money with some minor changes in the features.


This router is the cheapest in the marketplace that you can currently get along with some good enough features to justify its still high price point as compared to others. This brand is far unknown to people but it is like Huawei a local tech giant in countries of South Korea and also in hong kong making it a good and reputable company of sorts so that you can trust it enough to lay your investment in the form of money to buy up this router for your personal use.

In addition to the cheap price, I would also like to factor in the point that this router has a decent enough range to make it a good choice for all kinds of users around the world. The 10m Radius range may seem a bit too small for you at this point but it is good enough to provide internet access to you if you live in a 3BHK apartment. The perfect placement point of this device would be near a wall.

It can send all the radio waves in only one direction of your choice making the usage of a cheap and efficient product its best. As this is a relatively cheap product in comparison to the other contenders here in this article you would require carrying out a few steps to make this WIFI router work to its fullest capabilities. Such tips and tricks can be found by a simple search online on YOUTUBE or Google.

  1. Best Wireless Router NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK X6 AC3200



This is the best and by the best, I literally mean the absolute beast of all. This device made it to the 5th place only because this device is highly overpriced as some users may tell, but in my eyes and in the eyes of many others this is the best you can get for all the money that you are supposed to spend on an internet connection over WIFI. It is not wrong to call it the Best Gaming Router 2023.

The device packs a lot of features with it making it a suitable device for all kinds of purposes such as file transfers and also streaming purposes. The pros of the device include that it is a tri–band device with well-thought-out processes making it a good and all-in-one device for all kinds of uses. This is one of the Best wireless routers for Gaming.

There are a lot of features that come with this device if you use it. I personally do not own this device but I have seen many positive reviews for it online which suppress the fact that it is quite expensive. For a regular user again it might be quite expensive in terms of a router but for a company or a business, this router is their perfect need and desire for all kinds of purposes.


In the end, I would like to conclude this article by saying that all the devices that we’ve stated here are good for different kinds of users. Some may prefer one over the other. Thus if you’re on a hunt for a budget router then I would say that you should go for the budget-oriented WIFI router i.e. the TP-LINK router and if you wish to buy the best of the best then your best bet is the NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK which is a deadly combo if you have a decent internet connection with yourself.

And if you’re just looking for something in between all of this then you should go for the Linksys router which was placed 1st in our list of top 5 best wireless routers for home 2023.

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