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Best Portable Power Bank Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable Power Bank Reviews: The world is moving towards the raving technology and new generation which mean that we humans are being most reliable on electronic gadgets. There a list of electronic gadgets which are our dally needs and without them it hard to cross our daily routine. Mostly the Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops and other handy electronic gadgets are our daily basic needs.

Cheap Power Bank 2022 Reviews

This device relay on battery and that battery has a limited power which is based on your usage. At times when they come to die with low battery we don’t have any other choose then to depend on power. To charger our gadgets we require power that cannot be takes along with us, but can be stored in some devices which when require will charge our Smartphone or best laptops.

Portable Power Banks will help us to do that and will maintain the consistence of our electronic devices. In this article we will get you a list of Portable Power Banks which are best in use. These devices are most trusted with 100 percent efficiency. So have a look at each Portable Power Banks and find one best for your devices. Choose the best company and the standby capacity based on your requirements.

Best Portable Power Bank for Your Electronic Gadgets

This list consists of few best Portable Power Banks along with their capacity, weight, price, output and the actual time to charge them. Compare these parameters and select anyone based on your current requirements.

Mophie PowerStation Pro Reviews

Best portable powerbanks Mophie PowerStation Pro

It is also known as the Player in batter case for iPhone market. It comes with an external battery charges and is sold on its merits for rugged power station. This Portable Power Banks is available in black and orange color, designed with aluminum case and steel. Its rubberized bumper for protection has scored this charger to IP65 rating. This is water cum dust resistance along with a protective plastic which include two port cover for micro USB in and USB out.

Time to Full Charge – 6 hours

Price in US - #35-38

Weight – 12.69oz mAh

Output – 1 port with 2.1A

Capacity – 6000

Based on its capacity and the charging feature this Portable Power Banks is cheaper one to be found in market. Insert any pin in output which a 2.1A power to change the battery. It is estimated to charge 3 iPhone fully in very quick time that makes its reliable and tough Portable Power Banks.

iBattz Moo Batt Stations Optimus Charger

best powerbanks iBattz Moo Batt Stations Optimus Charger

If you’re seeking for a long life Portable Power Banks then here is the iBattz Moo Batt Stations Optimus Charger. This portable charger has a long life of 24,400 mAh which is just awesome to charge multiple devices. It is supported with two OUTPUT slots of USB which gives 2.1A and 1A power for charging respectively. Having a lot of devices in your home then this is best Portable Power Banks to be with you. This device is designed with soft touch rubber finish which is in black and highlighted with orange color.

Time To Full Charge – 16 hours
Price is between $76 - $80
Output with 2 ports of 1A and 2.1A
Capacity 20,400 mAh
Weight 400 gm

This device is very simple to handle and also easy to carry even with your mobile devices. The built in flashlight along with a 30 pin adapter for Apple devices is added in it. Get the galaxy tab connector and a 2A charger with a micro USB cable for easy charge to any device. It takes long time to charge fully instead all its features are very much comfortable to use on. Charge multiple device at once but you will experience not that reliability due to multiple connect.

Bestek Car Jump Starter

portable powerbanks Bestek Car Jump Starter
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Here is something greater for you from Bestek Car Jump start which is actually a portable power back along with car starter. This will start your car when it has got a dead battery with 600A outlet and few jumper cables. LED at top will show you the indications of battery is full or not and a Led flashlight in case of any emergency. The flashlight is added with SOS mode which is used for signaling others while you break down. It charges your Smartphone with two USB ports each supporting 4.2A and 2.4A power respectively. This charger has got fast charging features which charge your Portable Power Bank in quick time. Use the Micro USB cable to charge this Starter Power bank and the USB to charge your device based on its usage.

Time to Fully Charge is 3 hours
Output consist 3 ports one 600A for vehicle starter, 2 USB for 2.4A and 4.2 A
Price is between $56- $60
Capacity is 10,000 mAh batteries

This charger comes with an handy bag that contain a power adapter, USB cable, Jumper cable, car charger and various connector set for Smartphone. This charger stands on its capacity to charge but you still need to buy few chargers for other Smartphone’s. As a car jump starter it works very well to charge your car but even better to charge the electronic gadgets. It Is more better to use Bestek for charging your Smartphone and Laptop instead of Flashlight or car starter. As we are here to buy a charger for our Smartphone, so use this car starter power bank for them. It will charge your device in quick time and give you reliable speed.

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable Charger

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable powerbank


The Pilot charger has two connected USB ports each having 1A and 2.1A ports for device charging. Charge two devices simultaneously with an over captivity of 10,000 mAh. It is available in three different colors and the attractive aluminum body adds a start to this portable charger. Pilot discounted price is pretty low and also it is very low weight to carry that fit in your pocket. Most devices giving this capacity at heavy price, Pilot is attractive the user with its slim fit and good price for more publicity. The price of pilot is very low when compared with other portable power bank that gives this high power bank.

Time to Full Charge is 6 Hours
Price is above $16
Approximately weight about 260 gm
Outputs has 2 post of 1A and 2.1A
Has a capacity of 10,000 mAh

Pilot charger has a capacity to charge three iPhone at once if they are attached to multiple connectors. If your charging an Android device such as Samsung Galaxy S5 then only two devices can be charged at once. Use the four LED lights at the charger to view the indication of battery power. If your devices aren’t getting charged then just one tap on Power button will start charging them. Pilot 2GS is simple and easy to hold Portable Power Bank which rarely has any defects.

Lepow Poki Ultra Slim Power Bank

portable powerbanks Lepow Poki Ultra Slim Power Bank


Here comes one best portable power bank which is comfortable to full your two Smartphone comfortable. It has one 2.1A port which can be extend with external wires to charge two devices. Lepow Poki has the capacity of 5,000 mAh and depends on fast charging tools. The body is designed as curved, svelte with pastel colored which makes its handy. Use the micro USB slot to charge it and the USB cable as an Output. You have to slight your finger on strip which shows the indication of battery charging. LED on the device will only be turned one once you slid your finger that means no power is wasted to light this LEDs.

Time to Full charge is 3 hours
Price is about $35
Weight of 140 gm
Capacity of 5,000 mAh
Has 2A power Output

This is a best in carry Portable Power Bank with a sporting elastic closure. The short and grey USB to Micro USB cable along with strange look bring the disappointment. It is comfortable to charge an iPhone or normal Android device twice but to experience more power you can put extra $12 for 10,000 mAh. The low weight of Lepow Poki let us forget it sometimes and also if had fell down.

KMASHI Portable Power Bank

KMASHI Portable Power Bank

Need a slim and compact charger that can easily fit in your pocket along with Smartphone, then KMASHI Smart Power is one such. KMASHI has a capacity of 10,000 mAh which give output using one USB port of 2A power. This device is enough to charge your iPhone 6S plus and Galaxy S5 fully. There are LED lights to recognize the battery is full or not and a power button to start or stop the charging. Also use the flash light which is built in that will be used while in emergency. KMASHI has designed its product for easy access and fast reliable when compared with other Portable Power Banks.

Capacity of KMASHI is 10,000 mAh
The Output of 2A power from 1 port
Price lies between $13 to $15
Weight 9.76 ounces
Time to fully charge is approximately 6.5 hours

KMASHI smart power back is very cheap and gives a reliable power backup at that price. This power bank gives guarantee of 1000 cycle and also offers two years warranty. There are chances to charge the Power bank and also charge the Smartphone on other side. There are multiple colors available like classic black, white version and two tones pink that can be given for few extra bucks. Charging USB cable is on one side and the micro USB cable on other side.

Proporta Stripe Turbo Charger Emergency Charger

Proporta Stripe Turbo Emergency powerbank
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Are you looking for a plenty power bank which also has stylish looks then here is that one. The Proporta Stripe Turbo Charger is designed with metallic frame and power button at top. The soft touch finish and black showcases added with LEDs to let you know how much this charging is done. Recharge any Smartphone using the 2.1A and simultaneously a Smartphone 1A USB port. Can add up to 4 charges at once to charge Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Plus. This device charges continuously even multiple devices are connected.

Time to Full charge 7 hours
Price is between $45 - $50
Output of 2.1A and 1A at two ports
Capacity of 12,000 mAh
Weight 245 gm

This portable charger is slim and light weight to carry on but is slightly heavier when compared with other mobile Smartphone or chargers. It is added with a Micro USB port along with Micro USB to USB cable which takes a while to charge on. The looks and style of Proporta Stripe Turbo are unique but charger is lightly is costlier. As the capacity of Proporta Stripe Turbo charger is high, it is reliable to give such a price for this portable power bank.

Juno Power Hue Pro Portable Charger

Portable Powerbank Juno Power Hue Pro
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The Juno power Hue Portable Power Bank is now available with built in torch and two USB ports. The two ports of Juno portable power bank gives 2.1A and 1A power that are given through two micro USB slots. It is available in electric blue, gold, black and silver which are featured with brushed aluminum. This Portable Power Bank has added screen on cover which shows the remaining power which gets on when the power button is pressed. Use same power button to view screen and also to power the Torch light.

Price is between $40 to $42
Has Output of 2 ports of 1A and 2A power
Capacity of 10,000 mAh
Weight 350 gm

The design of Juno power bank is slightly round which make it easy to hold. Its slighter easy weight is the issue to hold in pocket other than its great looks. No extra accessories will be given along with this product, so you experience only Juno Portable Power Bank at that price.

Zendure A2 Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank Zendure A2
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The Zendure products are great to experience for their reliability and good power backup features. It is designed with less weight and packed with limited power battery. The USP pass through feature in Zendure will allow you to charge your Smartphone at one side and charge the battery on other side. Use the 2.1A power USB slot to charge your device and a micro USB slot for charging the Portable Power Bank. If you’re an adventurer and want your device to be alive hold this durable and crush-proof design power bank. As every charger it has four LED lights to show the capacity of better along with a power button to start or Stop.

6,000 mAh battery capacity
2A power output port
Weight 250 gm
Reliable price of $30

Use power button to check the power status in battery and also to start or stop the charging. As same button do both the task it makes sometimes hard to push the charger. It has capacity to hold the charging for long time even after using the Zendure after long time. The designed Is comparable great to carry and makes easy to use the Smartphone while getting charged. Get more devices form Zendure if you want a best Portable Power Bank.

Lumsing Harmonica Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank Lumsing Harmonica
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Heavy power with light weight Portable Power Bank is now available from Lumsing. This device has 2.1 A power and also 1A power for your multiple devices and can charge up to 4 devices at once. The LEDS on screen will be blown when a device is connected to charge and will be turned off when no device is connected. It will be charged using a micro USB cable and can charge any Android or iOS device using the USB cable. It is most comfortable to handle and also perfectly fit in your pocket. Here each LED shows a 25 percentage of battery left in your Portable Power Bank.

Has price of $17
Two ports of Ports with 2.1A and 1A
Lightweight with 236 g
Capacity to hold is 10,400 mAh

The Lumsing Harmonica Portable Power Bank gives you a USB to Micro USB cable along with a soft velvet pouch. You are required to buy one cable for iPhone as you get one only for Android devices. This power bank can fit your pocket along with pouch as it has brushed aluminum and pretty good body. It is available in black, white and gold color with plastic body which makes it smooth to carry. This easily charges four iPhone and 3 Android Smartphone once the best Portable Power bank is fully charged. It takes little extra time if your charging an Tablet or else easy with Smartphone’s.

Best Portable Power Bank Buyer Guide

I thought I must put in some words on how you can choose between the different power banks available in the market. Well we see different types of power charging banks being released now and then but to find the best one out of them takes a bit of stress. These below points could serve you the best to select a fine reasonable power bank which if cost effective and powerful as well.

  • Capacity: The power bank you are ought to buy should never be less than 5000 mAh and this is least amount of capacity you can think of selecting at the bottom line. It would be fine if you are thinking to buy one with 10,000 mAh as it could serve for some days thoroughly.
  • Price: Power banks are not much expensive indeed and they cost in the range of $50 - $200 for 5000 mAh to 10,000 mAh power banks. If you are thinking to put more than $200 then I would prefer going for the one that has a big brand associated with it.

Verdict on Best Power Banks 2022

All this products shown above are available in Amazon and you an easily buy them from Amazon store. Choose best one based on your device requirement and start working with Portable Power Banks. As each power bank is available in reliable price, choose anyone with good power backup. I suggest you to buy with a minimum of 5,000 mAh and above which will help you and your friends in emergency. Make sure you have all the accessories once you buy a Portable Power Bank.

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