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Best Lawn Tractor Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Top Best Lawn Tractors in 2023: We hustle everyday with the growing grass on our fields and little lawns that sum up a lot of time in waste. Indeed cutting grass with hands or little best riding lawn mower might seem old but there a way to make it fun and easy as well. Well I am taking about using Lawn Tractors; these are little tractors that are similar to the shape of a real tractor but have a deck size of around 42 – 48 inches in the range.

The need of Lawn tractors has been a compulsory as a need to cut growing grass and to make your lawn look tidier. There are people who wonder why using a lawn tractor would be benefit one at all. But on the contrary these lawn tractors are best for cleaning hill lawns and plain ones that cannot be done using handy tools or Riding Lawn Mower.

Best Lawn Tractors Features

Best Lawn Tractors are made up of similar engine machine to the real one and they seem so tough as well. Indeed they are tough with 20+ automatic hydraulic engine transmissions powering the engine. Another reason why people with lawn use a lawn tractor is to make their work be done in little time and it takes less manual labor. I mean all you have to do is sit on the tractor and drive where you wish the grass to make it level on the ground. You won’t believe me but there are some places where people race with lawn tractors on grass plains and this is really funny indeed.

Now coming to our main topic in this guide we are about to learn and review of the finest lawn tractors in the market online. Obviously you won’t be bugging to buy a tractor offline and struggle hard to carry it all the way to your home. So, I thought it would really help you if I could find and review best lawn tractors for hill, plains grass cutting.

Best Lawn Tractors Review 2023

I know how hard it is to cut down grass with a handle held mower and even an automatic mower takes manual efforts that some people hate. But now is the time to find the best lawn tractor for the money and pick one for you, so to end this sober story of grass cutting. Here I present you the list of 5 best Lawn Tractors that I have personally selected based on different criteria. So, start reading the reviews below.

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Husqvarna YTH24V48 Reviews

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Husqvarna is a popular brand when it comes to lawn tractors and this product of theirs is quite the best one in the market with a great engine. It has a 24 horsepower V-Twin engine that can generate high output which allows cutting hard even on hills and different locations. It comes with a cutting width of 48 inches which seems cut enough for large plains of grass and electric blade engagement makes it easy to cut as well.

It is powered by fast hydrostatic pedal transmission and cruise control that allows swift movement of the tractor for steady time. In fact this lawn tractor in a fine choice of those with small and large lawns to gaze, robust built engine and swift movement is enough for price. Though its price range if over the $2k mark, many users have awarded with raving positive reviews and this simply is the reason why this lawn tractor is on the #1 of our list.


  • Cruise control allowing the machine for steady state movement is a fine plus point
  • Automatic hydrostatic pedal transmission allows for higher output and better movement
  • It is equipped with armrest, good sized deck, head lights and hour meter as well


  • The price range is over $2,000 which to some people might be more than a budget to spend,
  • This would only be the reason or drawback on this machine.

Poulan Pro 960420170 Reviews

Lawn Tractor Poulan Pro 960420170
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Poulan brand has emerged as one of the most efficient ones in the market out there and their machines are really well built. This model comprises of a 24 horse power engine which is efficient enough to cut large fields and I am sure it would even work great on hills and meadows. It has a good cutting width which is around 42+ and is good enough to cut down lots of grass in no time.

Another great thing about this engine is that we get a good sized deck which holds the driver seat pretty comfortably. Different safety features like arm rests, cushioned chair, safety belt, head lights are given for safety futures. It comes with a hard core hand brake which does not break down the work when you apply the brakes, rather gives a smooth slow down at the end. Overall this machine is a perfect lawn tractor and this is the reason why I have Poulan Pro second on our list. You might like to read some of the pros and cons about this machine which are mentioned below.


  • The price is pretty good in the line and as a matter of fact it’s affordable as well.
  • It is powered by a 24 horsepower engine and cutting width of 42 inches and more.


  • It takes time to control the machine and at first you might need to learn how to drive it perfectly.

Husqvarna YTH22V46 22 HP Reviews

Lawn Tractors Husqvarna YTH22V46 22 HP
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When it comes to choosing a perfect lawn tractor you might eventually come across Husqvarna YTH22V46 and believe me it has more than raving reviews to go for. Other than good reviews we can find ourselves a 22 horsepower hydro pedal yard tractor which is not similar to automatic engines but works really well. It has a cutting width of 46 inches which can comfortably seize an average ground in less span of time with hydrostatic pedal transmission making it move faster.

Considering it has no cruise might be a setback but that could come handy for guys who want to drive slowly. In fact this machine is pretty well made and can cut in both reverse and forward direction. If you consider replacing any part, then this would become a whole lot more easily as we also get a part list with particular details. So, that if something goes awry we can always replace the damaged parts in no time and its cost effective as well.


  • It has 64 inch cutting width which is far better than all the ones we’ve reviewed till now.
  • It has both forward and reverse pedal with steering control.
  • It is around 48 inches wide with the grass deflector raised.


  • The worst thing is we could not find cruise control in this machine which might hold back smooth movement.
  • There are no other big issues in this tractor.

Troy Bilt 420CC Lawn Mower Reviews

Troy Bilt 420CC Lawn Mower
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This is one mower that is pretty much contains all sums of a usual mower. It provides you two levers on deck height control instead of four levers. It is simple, easy deck washout fitting, responsive drive control with the ability to handle bulging roots. It easily cuts the bumps and bulging roots which is possible with its 16 inch diameter rear wheel. The big front wheels which drive along with the motor allow it to do to hard working tasks and manoeuvrable mower.

Plus Points : Under $1000 price for this Mower, 420cc Engine, Front wheel drive with a 30 inch cutting deck, Fixed handlebar and right hand speed control lever drive control and 90 dB noise

It has a 420cc powered engine, 30 inch cutting deck with different settings and better wheel dimension for easy movement. Well for the price this seems to be a perfect lawn mower and you might even want to buy this right away.


  • Easy to cut the obstacles that comes front of it.
  • Less torque but gives enough performance which indeed needed.


  • Front deck comb of this mower is too sharp which may hurt anything.
  • It is compulsory to wear gloves while loading the Lawn Tractor into trunk.

MTD SOUTHWEST 13WV78KS211 Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractor Reviews

MTD SOUTHWEST 13WV78KS211 Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractor
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Fourth on our list is a machine under the brand Troy Bilt which is quite a popular brand in the market. So, buying MTD SOUTHWEST might not be a bad decision indeed and it is priced under the mark $1300 which is reasonable as well. On the other hand we can find all spare parts easily, as this machine is built by a popular brand and all parts are available in the market reach.

It is powered by a 17 horsepower cylinder engine with 597 cc and 42 inch cutting width and deck size. It has automatic CVT transmission which helps control the engine in a comfortable manner. It can be controlled in both the direction, in reverse and forward as well.


  • Price is low and spare parts can be replaced for cheap in no time.
  • It can be used a handy and regular grass cutting lawn tractor.


  • 17 Horsepower might low for this modern machine, but anyways its fine for the price we pay.

Snapper SPX2246 Reviews

Lawn Tractors Snapper SPX2246
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The fifth one on our list is Snapper SPX2246 comes with a 22 horsepower 646 cc V-Twin OHV engine that can pedal around large grounds with swift movements. The price is around the $2000 mark which is reasonable enough if you are looking for a powerful lawn tractors that can work long hours with dying up. It has hydro gear hydrostatic transmission which will help to power up the engine and lets users drive as eloquently as it can indeed. It has 3 blade grass cutting tech which can quickly cut large sum of grounds and grass with ease and in fact having a large deck size smoothens the ride as well.

Similar to most of the lawn tractors we get different accessories and safety features which include belts, seat with cushion material, lights, speed brake, cruise control and many more. Well for the price this machine is really good and in fact you might wonder why it hasn’t made to the top of our list. Keeping all that side let us talk about the pros and cons in this lawn tractor.


  • 22 Horse power engine with Hydro Gear hydrostatic engine of 646cc is powerful enough.


  • The price is more than $2000 which might be a hard choice for some people.

These were the few of the finest lawn tractors we could find online and hope you would enjoy reading this guide. And end up buying one of the lawn tractors for yourself in the meantime.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Tractor 2023

This seems to be the toughest question of all time that on what basis I select a good lawn tractor online. Well indeed many people wonder and struggle hard to answer themselves and end up buying machines they don’t even have an idea about. But to make this clear I will be writing the requirements in a good lawn tractor that you must consider before buying it.

  • Engine Horsepower: Generally a lawn tractor with a horsepower of 15 – 17 is suitable for gardening and plain grass works. So, I would advise you to look into the HP output of the engine which is a measurement of its engine capacity work load
  • Power Source: Lawn tractors run on different power sources such as Gasoline, Corded electric, Battery or manual. Most of the time users tend to prefer one which makes use of battery or gasoline as they are easy take care of
  • Tractor Deck: So the deck size of the tractor matters a lot and it is what that makes a lawn tractor a good choice of cutting grass. Normally a deck size should be in the range of 40 – 50 inches and it might vary a little bit as well. But going for a small deck sized tractor would not yield efficient results
  • Cutting Width: Similar to the deck size the cutting width ranges differently and most of the users prefer tractors with two or three blades
  • Cruise Control: If you are looking to buy an automatic hydrostatic machine, then make sure your machine does have a cruise control. Well this feature allows your lawn tractor to move in a steady speed for as long as you like
  • Price: Last but not the least price range makes a huge difference overall and if you are looking to buy a branded one then it might cost you more than $1000 at ease.

Top Lawn Tractor Reviews Conclusion

Aloha guys! This was my little review of few of the best lawn tractors that you can find online and I am sure you will like one the above. If you haven’t bought one of the tractors any time before and wonder to let it go. Then read our buyer guide to find the best lawn tractors for the money and make sure you find the best one indeed.

Now is the time to make your lawn look neat and tidy again with the help of a fine lawn tractor you might pick from the ones listed above. We are open to suggestion of any kind, like feedback on a new lawn tractors or your personal review of any tractor you bought. So, please drop them in the below comments section and we will answer them soon with a decent solution.

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